About Us


Gourmet popcorn, retro soda pop, retro candy, cinnamon glazed nuts, and more!

Welcome to my world — the world of gourmet popcorn.

The concept of owning a popcorn company was formulated years ago when as a youngster back in the late 70's my uncle took me to my first baseball game at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium to watch our beloved Cleveland Indians. Bobby Bonds and Rick Wise were our heroes. We would sit in the upper deck just past third base and I couldn't wait for a chance to shag a foul ball and for the popcorn guy to come our way. My uncle knew I loved the fresh popped popcorn and always ensured I got two bags. I'll never forget the sweet aroma of the buttery popcorn. It filled the stadium with a pleasantness only a boy with his trusty glove could appreciate. I'll never forget the smells and sounds of that old stadium and those special memories have never faded. I have since grown to not only appreciate the aroma of fresh popcorn but the many flavors as well. In my free time I learned all I could about various kernels and flavors and realized I could surpass the taste of yesterday and expand on the flavors of today. Thus, the Popcorn Monkey brand was born. Quality, flavor and memories is what the Popcorn Monkey is all about. We focus on utilizing the finest ingredients and produce it one small batch at a time. Give it a try and we guarantee you'll be back for more. Stop by my shop and say hello while experiencing the best popcorn in the land. As they say, Experience the Monkey and Put Some Flavor In Your Mouth!

Deltone L. Moore Founder, Popcorn Monkey